In the personal injury attorney world, insurance companies are famous for the three D’s:

  • Delay
  • Deny
  • Defend

We’re talking about the tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying fair settlement claims to people who have been in an accident. Unfortunately, most people try to handle negotiating with insurance companies on their own. There can be many reasons for this:

  • The person in an accident doesn’t want to deal with a lawsuit
  • The person in an accident doesn’t want to work with a lawyer (many consumers don’t trust lawyers)
  • The person may not think they can afford to hire an attorney
  • The person thinks that an attorney will take too much money out of the settlement
  • People think the insurance company is “on their site”
  • People may not realize that insurance companies low ball consumer when it comes to settlement offers
  • A person may think they can do just as good as a job as an attorney

The reality is, the right personal injury/accident lawyer can often get a far larger settlement than a consumer would ever realize. If you are getting the run around the the insurance company, you don’t have to put up with it. Consider hiring an accident attorney in Houston who can help you get the money you deserve.

The insurance companies have very deep pockets, as you can see below in this table of insurance companies as listed on the Texas Department of Insurance website.

RankNAIC #CompanyPremium $Market
Share %
129203Progressive County Mutual Insurance Company$ 3,414,822,58515.13
225178State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company3,023,473,03913.40
329181GEICO County Mutual Insurance Company2,356,606,87110.44
429688Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company2,016,461,0398.94
524392Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company1,334,643,5085.91
619544Liberty County Mutual Insurance Company1,024,120,4494.54
725941United Services Automobile Association (USAA)640,829,7762.84
825968USAA Casualty Insurance Company590,118,7972.62
929246Consumers County Mutual Insurance Company489,483,1302.17
1018600USAA General Indemnity Company414,511,9061.84
1121253Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company365,709,8051.62
1229297Home State County Mutual Insurance Company364,627,3821.62
1329327Auto Club County Mutual Insurance Company350,437,3571.55
1425380Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company315,245,0211.40
1629254Foremost County Mutual Insurance Company277,046,0221.23
1729378Old American County Mutual Fire Insurance Company269,368,4721.19
1819240Allstate Indemnity Company264,818,7121.17
1929262Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company263,457,5161.17
2025399Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters244,265,5471.08
2111198Loya Insurance Company243,185,6151.08
2229300Redpoint County Mutual Insurance Company230,889,1401.02
2310730American Access Casualty Company216,031,0750.96
2413820Infinity County Mutual Insurance Company215,013,6820.95
2529335Allstate County Mutual Insurance Company208,112,8910.92
2611521Germania Select Insurance Company190,245,5390.84
2713004Texas Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company187,619,0560.83
2827863GEICO Texas County Mutual Insurance Company141,104,5370.63
2910974Root Insurance Company132,475,5090.59
3019976Amica Mutual Insurance Company124,387,8860.55
3114138GEICO Advantage Insurance Company122,367,3330.54
3215449Alinsco Insurance Company111,376,2790.49
3326816State Farm County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas107,094,2340.47
3440150MGA Insurance Company, Inc.101,210,1590.45
3526441Dairyland County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas98,384,9460.44
3625712Esurance Insurance Company96,390,9280.43
3713688Elephant Insurance Company87,199,3040.39
3829351Unitrin County Mutual Insurance Company85,787,8990.38
3922055GEICO Indemnity Company81,129,1650.36
4017230Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company70,172,1460.31

Have any of these insurance companies denied your claim or try to offer you a lowball settlement? You need someone on your side to fight these companies. If you’ve been injured in an accident in Houston or anywhere in Texas, consider speaking to a lawyer to find out what your legal options and rights are. You may have other questions, such as:

  • What should you do if an insurance company will not pay a claim?
  • The insurance company is denying my claim
  • Should I sue the insurance company for denying my claim?
  • Suing the auto insurance company for denying my claim
  • Can I sue an insurance company for refusing to pay a claim?
  • Can I sue my insurance company for emotional damage?
  • Why why my insurance claim denied?

An experienced accident lawyer in Houston can answer all these questions for you.

Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you!